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Siensor UNIC is a versatile configuration tool designed for configuration of liquid level sensors. The configuration tool is compatible with the fuel sensors manufactured by Siensor, Technoton, Omnicomm.
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When configuring liquid level sensors via Siensor UNIC, there is no need to supply extra power to them. It is sufficient to plug the sensor into the configuration tool, and the configuration tool - into a computer USB port. In most cases RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces are used to configure liquid level sensors, on this account Siensor UNIC supports operation both via RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces. The device is fitted with the switch on the front panel to select an operating mode.

Siensor UNIC is encased in a compact plastic housing. Two LEDs allow you to monitor the operation of the configuration tool. The Siensor Monitor application is used to provide quick configuration of the Siensor-manufactured fuel sensors. It is available for free access on the website. If you need to configure a fuel level sensor from other manufacturer, you can use similar software.
Siensor UNIC is compatible with the following types of liquid level sensors and all types of software for their configuration:

  • Siensor D107, D110, D115
  • Siensor AF107
  • Technoton DUT-E (if a cable adapter is available)
  • Omnicomm LLS 20160 (if a cable adapter is available)
  • Omnicomm LLS 20310 (if a cable adapter is available)
  • Omnicomm LLS 20230 (if a cable adapter is available)

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Technical Specifications

  • Power: USB 2.0 compatible
  • I/O interfaces for LLS connection: RS-232/RS-485
  • I/O interface speed, bps: 600÷256000
  • Output voltage to power LLS, V: 12
  • Output current, max, mA: 200
  • Output power, W: 2.4
  • Extended operating temperature range*,°С: - 55 and +80
  • Dimensions, mm: 74х94х20

* the sensor can take measurements, but with reduced accuracy

The delivery package contains the following components:

  • Siensor UNIC
  • A USB cable for connection of Siensor UNIC to a PC
  • A cable for the LLS connection to Siensor UNIC