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Liquid Level Sensors

The liquid level sensor (LLS) is an intelligent device designed for measuring fuel level in the tanks of vehicles or fixed installations. The LLS is connected to the terminal which reads data from the sensors and indicates it in litres or percentage.
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Siensor is involved in the development and manufacture of high-accuracy capacitive devices for liquid level sensing. The operating principle of capacitive liquid level sensors is based on measuring changes in capacitance between conducting plates which are immersed in the liquid.

The capacitive liquid level sensors, with no moving elements and electronic-based workflow, produce indication accuracy, which resulted in their wide application. The capacitive sensors do not run into the fuel line and do not affect the engine operation as compared with fuel flow meters, and enable accurate determination of time and volume of filling and draining, which flow meters do not provide.

The capacitive LLSs are featured by the ability to measure the level of any non-conducting liquids. For this reason, they can be used both in gas-powered and diesel-powered vehicles. The LLS installation requires drilling of a hole in the tank. The sensor length is supposed to be no less than the tank height in which it is installed. If the sensor length goes beyond the tank height, the sensor is cut to the required length.

The LLS can be connected to the terminal using an analog or frequency input, or RS-485/ RS-232 interface, depending on which one is available in the terminal.

Siensor product line is introduced by the liquid level sensors with both modifications:

  • serial digital interface (RS-232, RS-485);
  • analog/frequency interface.
The sensor housing, manufactured by Siensor, is made of the material resistant to organic solvents and loads in temperature range; the measuring component is made of corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy. The Siensor engineering expertise, use of advanced technologies and up-to-date materials in the manufacturing process allow us to create the equipment of outstanding quality and reliability.

Siensor LLSs Features and Benefits:

  • High reading accuracy
  • Level measuring error in the full range: max 1%
  • Sufficient protection against interference, power failure and connection errors.
  • Stable output signal
  • Smooth operation in wide temperature range (-60 to +80°С)
  • Power supply voltage: 7-50V
  • Increased maximum voltage
  • Compatibility with various vehicles and fixed installations
  • Compatibility with most liquid types: gas, summer and winter diesel fuel, oil products, maintaining their state of matter in the operating temperature range
  • Allow cutting of the measuring component without calibration
  • The delivery package is supplied with all the items required for installation and connection (connecting cable, carrier plate, rubber gasket, screws, seals).