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Products Siensor D-115

The SSiensor D-115 liquid level sensor is an intelligent device designed for high-accuracy measurement of fuel level in the tanks of vehicles, including special purpose machinery and stationary reservoirs (diesel-generators, boiler plants, oil storages, etc.). Siensor D-115 measures fuel level transmits data to the terminal via RS-232 or RS-485 interface, which displays it in litres or percent. The length of Siensor's D-115 is 1500 mm.
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Siensor D-115 has a long service life. The manufacturer's limited warranty is valid for five years from date of purchase. Siensor D-115 features reliable interference protection, high-accuracy data transmission and maximum measurement resolution. Complete galvanic isolation provides high level of power supply circuit protection. Data processing algorithms enable high-accuracy detection of fuel filling, draining and consumption.

Siensor D-115 is compatible with most liquid types. On request, it is possible to order the product with the length of a measuring part different from the original one.
Features and Benefits

  • High-accuracy measurement even in harsh service conditions
  • Smooth operation in harsh service conditions
  • Sufficient output protection against short circuit, power failure and connection errors
  • Corrugated metallic sheathed cable
  • Compatibility with most liquid types
  • Allows trimming of a measuring part without calibration
  • Increased maximum voltage
  • The sensor design is resistant to fuel additives, waxes and pollution
  • Mountable to the tank of any capacity
  • Special oscillation filtering algorithm provides high-accuracy measurement of fuel level

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Technical Specifications

  • Relative reduced measurement error
    • Within the range of - 60°С to + 60°С, %: max ±0.8
    • Within the range of - 60°С to + 80°С, %: max ±1.0
  • Temperature measurement error, °С: max ±2
  • Level measurement range: 1 to 4095
  • Data rate, bps: 1200; 2400; 4800; 9600; 19200; 38400; 57600; 115200
  • Power supply voltage, V: 7-50
  • Power consumption, W: max 0.4
  • Interaction interface with external devices: Physical RS-232 and RS-485
  • Temperature measurement range, °С: – 55 to + 80
  • Measurement interval, sec: 1
  • Shift in level measurement range: 0 to 1023
  • Operating temperature, °С: – 40 to +80
  • Extended operating temperature range*,°С: - 55 and +80
  • Dust and water protection: IP69К
  • Interval of automatic data output, sec: 1 to 255
  • Size of internal measurement results filter: 0 to 20

* the sensor remains operational, but accuracy of measurements decreases.